Happy New Year! 2019 is here…

We had an excellent start to the Spring Term in Year Six this week!

Our new History Topic is Marathon! and we began by exploring how we know so much about the Ancient Greeks when they lived so long ago, exploring the Geographical features of Greece that would have affected how they lived their lives and exploring primary and secondary sources to see if there was any evidence that the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur was based in truth!

In English the children have amazed me with their mature attitude towards a challenging text which raises moral issues: Pig-Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman. We did some fantastic ‘Conscious Alley’ drama techniques to help us understand how Cameron is affected by his parents arguing over whether he should have the risky heart transplant or not.

We began our new Science Topic by investigating the main parts and functions of the heart and the children showed fabulous knowledge in their explanations and Scientific diagrams. This will come in handy next week when we are dissecting!

Linked to keeping our hearts healthy, we started our new PE Topic: Badminton. We learned the three main techniques: forehand, backhand and overhead, and had a go at serving too. Look at us in action!

Well done on a fantastic start to 2019 Year Six!



Merry Christmas!

What a fantastic end to the year Year Six. We’ve had lots of fun this week and it has been a wonderful end to a great first term!

Enjoy your break with your families and I hope Santa is good to you all! I let him know you’re on the ‘Nice’ list!

Christmas Singing Superstars!

The major event of our week this week in Year Six has been our Christmas Performance! On Thursday night, we nervously waited outside the darkened Holy Hall to make our entrance as the opening act of the Key Stage Two Christmas Performance. Some of us were lantern carriers, some narrators and we we were all singers, with two tricky songs to perform. We had nothing to be nervous about though as we were absolutely fabulous!

The narrators were amazing and the singing was magnificent, really moving the parents to tears with how beautiful it was! Fabulous show Year Six!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Friday we had the pleasure of watching our musicians show off their talent in the Christmas Music Concert. Taking part from our class were Daniel, Tomas, Edward, Adam and Matthew. Excellent playing boys!

Also on Friday we enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch, served to us by the teachers! It was so tasty and, because it was Christmas jumper day, there was a very festive atmosphere!


Week Six in Year Six!

Wow – time is really flying!

This week we had a fantastic time at the Centre for Life, combining our learning in Topic (Frozen Kingdom) and Science (Living Things and their Habitats).

We participated in an ‘Animal Adaptation’ investigative workshop where we tested hypothesis on what was the best type of body covering to protect in extreme temperatures, and whether shade affected temperature.

We completed the day by exploring the Centre and enjoying a ride on the 4D Motion Ride! Mrs Damti was a bit scared because the Polar Express went well and truly off the rails!

“When the fake snow was thrown in our faces, it was thrilling!” Alice

“Out of all of the times I have visited the Centre for Life, it is the best workshop we’ve done!” Olivia.

Mrs Damti also thought you might like to see some of our amazing displays, showing off our work in MAD week and Topic.

Have a great weekend!

MAD Week!

Wow Year Six – your Music, Art and Drama skills have blown me away this week!

We started on Monday with the unveiling of our inspiration: ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ by Turner and we met some new friends: Admiral Damti, Admiral Kelly and Captain Morris. We looked closely at this painting and all of the detail and techniques within it, creating mood boards and developing our painting techniques.

On Tuesday we continued to hone our skills, and focused on a lithogram by J.J. Williams which showed theĀ realĀ image of the last days of this heroic gunship, rather than the romanticised version by Turner. Most excitingly, the Admirals unveiled our Drama and Music challenge, which was to create our own movie trailers based on the story of the Temeraire in the Battle of Trafalgar!

On Wednesday we completed our decoupage compositions and focused on our acting and digital media skills to continue our work on our trailers.

On Thursday we explored the breaker’s yard at Rotherhithe and focused in on details and the composition of paintings, looking at the importance of perspective, foreground, mid ground and background. We also explored 3D sketching techniques and honed in on small details in the images of the Temeraire and other fallen heroes not abandoned in the breaker’s yard.

The admirals are so proud of us! Well done Year Six on a spectacular week!

Week Three in Year Six

Today Mrs Nealings set us a challenge: to work out what our jigsaw piece was and what it related too! Also some strange posters have appeared round school that look like Movie posters? What on Earth could be happening next week?

Youssef: I think it might be part of a treasure map.

Joshua: I think its a beach.

Anahi: I think it’s part of a bigger clue and when we find the other pieces we can work out what it is.

Adam: I think it’s a piece of a painting because it’s MADD week.

Selina: I think it’s a forbidden map.

Rachael: I think it’s an ancient or pirate-related object.

Annie: I think we have to find the other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

Newton: It might be part of a musical instrument.

This week we have been so busy again!

On Monday we continued our Science topic all about Living Things and classified plants according to their characteristics. On one of the wettest days of the year so far, we found plant specimens to dissect and categorise.

On Tuesday we had our NUFC sessions and learned how to play Benchball with Mrs Clasper, as well as exploring pie charts in Maths.

On Wednesday we wrote some unnervingly creepy stories for Mrs Damti in English, based on ‘Francis’, a film animation set in Questico National Park. You might like to explore this national park further. We also plotted the fastest routes across the world to save stranded explorers in our Geography based Topic lesson.

On Thursday we created some inspiring Spiritual Art based on the complex idea of Jesus as both divine and human. It is amazing and we understood the implications of this concept for Christians really well, choosing thoughtful Scripture to inspire our pieces.

Phew! What another busy week!

What a Fabulous Week!

Wow Year Six, what a great week we’ve had this week!

On Tuesday we continued our NUFC coaching and had our ‘Onside’ sessions, dealing with issues relating to being a team player.

On Wednesday we were really thoughtful and mature during a cyber-safety session with Jason from GEM education. We found out some mind-blowing statistics and responded really positively to questions about our online usage and how we could stay safe. Remember the recommended age for What’s App is 16!

On Thursday we worked so hard on RE – our Judaism topic- where we researched independently why Yom Kippur is an important time of reflection for Jewish people. We then doubled up on subjects and did some amazing Science using the Linnean classification system. We were intrigued to find out the kingdoms, genus and phylum of our favourite animals.

On Friday we blew Mrs Damti away with our committment to Children in Need as the class with the most Bake Off entries!

Have a lovely weekend and well done Year Six!