The Greatest Show!

Wow Year Six! What an amazing show you put on this morning! I was blown away by your acting, singing and stage-craft! It was especially special because this year the script was truly a collaborative effort between us. A huge thank you to everyone who supported us by providing costumes and coming to see us on the day. We are now ready for a repeat performance for the school on Monday! Very well done – I’m so proud of you all!

Borrowdale 2019!

We have just this minute returned from Borrowdale but I couldn’t wait to get some photographs up to show your families what superstars you have been while we were away! All of the instructors, YHA staff  and even members of the public commented on what polite and enthusiastic children we have! You took on the challenges amazingly and were so resilient, never giving up when things were hard, like clambering over a slippery rock in the Ghyll, rowing your canoe against the wind to stay on course or abseiling back down the rock face! I am so proud of you all, as are Mrs Kelly and Mrs Haley, who gave up their time to join us. Have a fantastic and relaxing weekend – you’ve all earned it!

Another busy week in Year Six!

This week we have been working hard in Year Six, back on our normal timetable. In English we produced some fantastic work applying for the role of the Doctor’s assistant with our formal persuasive letter writing skills, a wonderful narrative piece linked to History describing Frederick Catherwood discovering the Mayan city of Chichen Itza and our own design specification for a new sonic screwdriver!

In Geography we explored the vibrant country of Mexico, using our computing skills to produce wonderfully presented information pages full of facts about the physical and human geography of this country of contrasts.

In PE we have focused on cricket and athletics, and were building up our strength and resistance in preparation for Sports Day with some circuit training.

Next week is going to be absolutely fun-packed with our Monday at the Youth Festival, back in school as normal on Tuesday and then……Borrowdale!

Have a fantastic weekend Year Six!

Welcome Back Y6!

Wow Year Six – I can’t believe it is your final half term at St Charles! We have had a brilliant week this week, with visits to Nissan, GEM education workshops and pyjamarama day in aid of the Book Trust!

All week you have shown me you that you are the excellent role-models I always expect you to be and have been a credit to the school. Kath, who led our Nissan Mono Zukuri Caravan sessions was blown away by your knowledge and mature attitude when we visited Nissan.

Here is a flavour of what we have been up to this week!

STEM Week 2019!

Wow! What an end to the half term Year Six! You have blown me away with your ingenuity, creativity and logical thinking this week. Our challenges were as diverse as designing a healthy snack or smoothie to make Alice grow taller to building a motorised car to transport her across wonderland, with some obleet (explain to your parents what non Newtonian fluids are!) making and creature classifying thrown in for good measure. Rocket power also featured as we experimented with chemical reactions in an attempt to power Alice out of the rabbit hole!

Here is a just a flavour of what we have gotten up to this week while combing leanring with lots of fun. Poor Joe even had his head chopped orf for upsetting the Queen of Hearts!

Nearly there!

Year Six have been working incredibly hard once again to ensure they are fully prepared to show off their skills and knowledge in the SATs tests next week. I know they are ready and am looking forward to them being able to show off what they have learnt! This week we have been enjoying ‘Brainy Breakfasts’ to get our brain going and ‘The Golden Mile’ to get our bodies going too!

This time next week we will have complete our tests and will be ready to enjoy STEM week!

Good luck and well done on how much effort and commitment you have put in to being the best you can be in everything, including revising for the tests!

Year Six Superstars!

Year Six have been working phenomenally hard and have been super busy since we returned from the Easter Holidays!

Here’s a flavour of what we have been up to!

In our PE Lessons we were honing our dance skills, using a range of techniques to interpret story of ‘The Lighthouse’ through dance.

We have also been creating interactive books in Computing and enjoyed a workshop with Julian from GEM Education. We were able to combine images, text, audio and video to make our books about Gosforth totally immersive for the reader!

As part of our Gosforth topic, we conducted fieldwork and went out to regent Farm Road to conduct questionnaires, traffic surveys and create sketch maps. We used this information to identify trends in why people use Regent Farm Road. Thank you to everyone from the local community who answered our interview questions!

Well Done Year Six to a super start to Summer!

Roving Reporters and Poetry Explorers

This week in Year Six we have been honing our skills at journalistic writing. We wowed Mrs Damti with our knowledge of the features of how to write news or magazine reports and articles! Later in the week, we acted in role as reporters and participants in the events that unfolded at a near-disaster at a lighthouse. Fantastic acting Year Six and you used the information you gathered to write brilliant quotes.

Well done to all of the Year Sixes who participants in the swimming gala! Annie and Adam and the boy’s relay all won medals but those who didn’t did equally as well against some ‘elite’ swimmers who practice daily! Great job!

Image result for great job clip art

Finally, on Friday we had a visit from author Antony Wootton and enjoyed a descriptive writing and poetry workshop! We had a great time writing limericks and learning all about how real authors plan, write and edit just like we do in school! A fantastic end to a fantastic week!


Bus Stops and Books!

This week in Maths we were applying our skills with measures to solve problems relating to timetables! We visited all of the ‘Bus Stops’ round the classroom, read the timetables and answered the passenger inquiries! We then checked we have given them the right information using the ‘Timetable Guides’ (answers in the envelopes!), explaining to each other where we had gone wrong, if we had any errors! Well done Year Six – you were very helpful to the confused passengers!



Last week we had a fantastic time on World Book Day. We read ‘The Water Tower’ – a book from Australia which was very sinister but we really enjoyed it. The images are very clever and the author leaves many clues as to what might have happened to Bubba in the tower…..

We designed, made and evaluated our own water towers and had great fun testing them! Some even withstood an earthquake!


Back To School and Brilliant!

Year Six have returned to school for this second Spring half-term with fantastic attitudes and showing me they are ready to give their best!

This term we are undertaking a local area study all about Gosforth and its place in the North East and we began by exploring brand new Ordnance Survey maps to see what geographical features we could spot and what features a good OS map has. We then used them to create our own accurately scaled maps, which were great!

We also had a fantastic workshop all about PowerPoint to begin our Computing topic with Jason from GEM education. We created our own interactive quizzes and will be building on this knowledge this half-term to build up to creating an interactive story where the reader can choose what happens at key plot points, like the ‘Choose you own adventure’ books of Mrs Damti’s 1980’s childhood!

As you know, in the last week of last half-term we had an immersive Greek Day with George from the Newcastle Outreach Team from Tyne and Wear Museums. It was absolutely fantastic and we got to: explore a range of genuine artefacts, including wearing hoplite armour; taste a range of Ancient Greek food and investigate what was in it; be Greek apothocaries and heal the sick by making our own medicinal mixtures; re-enact the Greek advance in a phalanx from the Battle of Marathon and explore Greek clothing.

I was amazing by the fantastic transformations of Year Six into Greek citizens, hoplites, goddesses and slaves. Thank you for your support in providing the children with their very creative outfits!

Have a lovely weekend!