What a Fabulous Week!

Wow Year Six, what a great week we’ve had this week!

On Tuesday we continued our NUFC coaching and had our ‘Onside’ sessions, dealing with issues relating to being a team player.

On Wednesday we were really thoughtful and mature during a cyber-safety session with Jason from GEM education. We found out some mind-blowing statistics and responded really positively to questions about our online usage and how we could stay safe. Remember the recommended age for What’s App is 16!

On Thursday we worked so hard on RE – our Judaism topic- where we researched independently why Yom Kippur is an important time of reflection for Jewish people. We then doubled up on subjects and did some amazing Science using the Linnean classification system. We were intrigued to find out the kingdoms, genus and phylum of our favourite animals.

On Friday we blew Mrs Damti away with our committment to Children in Need as the class with the most Bake Off entries!

Have a lovely weekend and well done Year Six!

Y6 remembers them.

This week Y6 commemorated the centenary of the end of the First World War and remembered all those who had made the ultimate sacrifice through the years in our Remembrance Liturgy. It was moving and reverent, and Y6 said their parts and sang beautifully.


Y6 party like it’s 1945!

On the last day of a fantastic first half-term, Year Six celebrated ‘Victory in Europe’ with a fabulous wartime experience day. Our class was transported back to June 1945 for a fun-packed day of cooking wartime style (remember rationing didn’t finish until 1953!), singing, making wartime decorations and learning all about this momentous time in British History. Thank you to our reception Buddies for joining us to celebrate!