STEM Week 2019!

Wow! What an end to the half term Year Six! You have blown me away with your ingenuity, creativity and logical thinking this week. Our challenges were as diverse as designing a healthy snack or smoothie to make Alice grow taller to building a motorised car to transport her across wonderland, with some obleet (explain to your parents what non Newtonian fluids are!) making and creature classifying thrown in for good measure. Rocket power also featured as we experimented with chemical reactions in an attempt to power Alice out of the rabbit hole!

Here is a just a flavour of what we have gotten up to this week while combing leanring with lots of fun. Poor Joe even had his head chopped orf for upsetting the Queen of Hearts!

2 thoughts on “STEM Week 2019!

  1. I loved stem week thank you Mrs Damti for a great week . My favorite part was when we got our hands messy with the ooblek. I am going to miss stem week when I go to high school thank you for making it the best last stem week ever! After the holidays it’s our last day in st Charles so we going to have loads of fun and enjoy our last term and then it’s high school…scary. I will miss all the fun things we do and I hope in the second half of the summer term will be just as exciting ,


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