Borrowdale 2019!

We have just this minute returned from Borrowdale but I couldn’t wait to get some photographs up to show your families what superstars you have been while we were away! All of the instructors, YHA staff  and even members of the public commented on what polite and enthusiastic children we have! You took on the challenges amazingly and were so resilient, never giving up when things were hard, like clambering over a slippery rock in the Ghyll, rowing your canoe against the wind to stay on course or abseiling back down the rock face! I am so proud of you all, as are Mrs Kelly and Mrs Haley, who gave up their time to join us. Have a fantastic and relaxing weekend – you’ve all earned it!

2 thoughts on “Borrowdale 2019!

  1. I really enjoyedborrowdale thank yours Damti Mrs Kelly for taking us. Without this experience we wouldn’t have conquered many of our fears and learnt new things. The only downside was it washard to get to sleep and I’m sorry if our room woke you up because we were so excited and couldn’t contain it. I will remember this last experience with my best friends which some it might have not have been. Thank you for a great time. Selina

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  2. I really loved Borrowdale because it was fun in activities and everything. Thank you Mrs Damti , Mrs Kelly and Mrs Hailey for bringing us here. It was very tricky but life changing at the same time.


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